• Battery Replacement


    It can be extremely annoying having to charge your device constantly due to a damaged battery. 

    It can also be quite dangerous for your phone battery to be unpredictable as you never know when you’d have to make an emergency call and can’t possibly have a charger at hand at all times. 

    A faulty battery can also heat up your device a lot and consequently damage other parts and impact the functioning. The best-case scenario to deal with this situation is a battery replacement. 

    It is fair to be a bit skeptical when considering a battery replacement for your device, as you don’t know what you’re going to get and you obviously don’t want to create any further problems. 

    However with us you can bid your worries farewell. We offer the finest cellphone repair Tustin has to offer which includes high quality battery replacement. 

    We only use OEM quality batteries and make sure to test batteries before we make the replacement. It is our promise to you that when we’re done with your device it’s battery life will be 100%. 

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